Trust Your Inner Artist

Trust Your Inner Artist

Trust Your Inner Artist, Believe, Create – Vi Chung

Introducing Brand Ambassador Vi Chung! Vi’s artwork is dominated by beautiful flowers. Her flowers are exquisitely detailed showing off her control of color and attention to the fine details of her subjects. I adore the care and precision she takes in all her paintings.

“Hello! I’m Vi Chung. I am a freelance illustrator, wife, and mother of three. I have always loved art for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would get excited for the upcoming school year, because I knew that I would be getting new art materials as well.

Fast forward to many years later, went through high school (where my only art was working on posters for school projects), went through college (where I made use of my artistic skills for promotional materials for various clubs), got married, and worked for corporate (art was non-existent in this period), had children (where I got to do some art with finger paint).

Only about a year and a half ago did I decide to give it a more determined shot.  My children had shown me how to find things on Instagram, and I was totally inspired.  I thought to myself “I could do this!”.  Well, I couldn’t do it immediately! I realized, that after years of not touching brushes and paints, I had lost some of my skill. 

So I painted every day. My favorite subject is florals. I followed artists that I wanted to paint like on Instagram. I bought watercolor, watercolor paper and some brushes. I sat for long hours at a time, accepting mistakes as they came, learning to fix mistakes if I could, learning to let go of what cannot be fixed.  It’s ok. We all have those paintings that we didn’t finish because we were disappointed.

As an artist, I learned my weaknesses (loose florals, painting without pencil guidelines) and my strengths (detailing and color).  I learned that I could put colors together to create artwork with pleasing color schemes. I learned that I loved every medium and that each medium brought out a different style that’s still me. Each painting became a journey to self-discovery and an opportunity to express. 

So now, do I paint like the artists that I initially set out to paint like? No, I don’t, and I’m totally fine with that.  I had developed my own style, I had trusted my idea of beauty and just expressed without apology.  I am happy with the artist I have become and I am also looking forward to the artist I will be. 

I believe every artist has an idea of what is beautiful and needs the opportunity to express their idea. It is important to trust yourself, believe, and create.”

You can view more of Vi’s artwork through her Instagram

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