Tranquility through Art and Nature

Tranquility through Art and Nature

Introducing Brand Ambassador Chaitra! Chaitra artwork is full of beautiful flowers and elements of nature. Her style is a mix of loose watercolors with a soft dreamy feel and highly detailed realistic paintings that seem to come alive off the paper. I love her ability to switch between two very different styles with ease.

“Hi, you! My name is Chaitra and I create watercolor art inspired by nature. I post art on Instagram by the handle Spilledcolors.

I am an Engineer by profession who has always found calmness in art, especially in watercolor painting. It is my get away from the real world. Through botanicals and landscapes, I establish a deep connection with nature, that seems to be lost in today’s digital world. I try to tell stories that otherwise remain untold.

I started painting as a kid, trying to help my mother with home decor projects. My interest in painting grew over time and art became a part of my life. It became a new language of expression. I pursued it diligently while working my way through school studing Mechanical Engineering. I focused on learning new techniques, developing my own techniques, and practicing. 

I absolutely love the feeling of tranquility art brings to me. Through colourful floral art, I feel connected with nature. The delicate petals and the soft colours are my way of finding calmness in day-to-day life. It’s like meditation for me.

Now, after more than 10 years of experience in watercolors, I now conduct workshops, online classes, and tutorials for beginners and advanced students. I also offer a variety of products that aim at bringing nature into our everyday lives and encourage living in harmony with nature.

As an artist who practices art daily, I am always in search of good supplies and so are my students. And Art Philosophy has found a special place in my heart. I love all confections palettes but Classics, Terrain, and Essence are my absolute favorites. They have all the right shades combined into sets that are vibrant, colorful, and just perfect for any type of painting. I usually carry these along on a painting/hike trail with me, as they’re compact. I have recently started using Oil Pastels as an art medium and I am falling in love with it by the day  :)”


You can find more of Chaitra’s artwork on her Instagram

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