The Magical Lighting

The Magical Lighting

This week’s blog post features Yu-Yin of @yincreativestudio. In this post, she shares her inspiration for this beautiful series that features flowers and foliage. If you’ve read her last blog posts here and here then you’ll know that light is such a huge part of her style. Her control of light in her paintings is just breathtaking and I am always amazed by all of her artwork.

“Hi friends, It’s Yu-Yin who is the artist behind the Instagram account of @yincreativestudio.
Since I have briefly introduced myself in my previous blogs, I am going to share more of my art
style and inspiration with you here.

As you might know or notice, the most essential element of my paintings is the light. How to use
the light to create the atmosphere and emotions in my painting is my focus. I have got inspired
and influenced by the famous Dutch artist, Rembrandt Van Rijn. Rembrandt “was especially
praised by his contemporaries, who extolled him as a masterly interpreter of biblical stories for
his skill in representing emotions and attention to detail.”- Wikipedia. The light that Rembrandt
created in his paintings were remarkable and iconic. People even named the lighting technique
after his name, which is “Rembrandt lighting.”

When I paint, I would like to express my feelings and emotions in my art that can resonate with
the viewers. Also, sending the positive vibes to the public is another important message of my
art! Getting connected with my viewers is so important to me:-)

In this series, I focused on the close look of beautiful flowers and plants that have showed the
delicate details. We might not pay close attention to these details in our daily lives since we are
all busy on other things. I would like to express the simply, pure beauty around us, including
some small leaves. With the lighting effect, each painting has its unique message.

Among all the gorgeous Art Philosophy Watercolor Confections, I really love how each palette
works well with others. In this series, I almost used all of them to create these series, including
Terrains, Essence, Woodlands, Currents, Odyssey, Tropicals and Pastel Dreams. The colors are
perfectly coherent together!”

You can find more of Yu-Yin’s artwork on her InstagramFacebook, and her website!

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