The Light with Hopes

The Light with Hopes

This week’s blog features a gorgeous series from Yu-Yin of @yincreativestudio. You can find her other guest blog posts here, here, and here. Yu-Yin’s artwork is inspired by nature and makes amazing use of light. I am always amazed at the beauty of her paintings!

Hi friends, it is Yu-Yin who is the artist behind the Instagram account of @yincreativestudio. What a year for everyone! I am sure that we will all remember what we have been through ~ Hopefully everyone is doing good and keep your faith because the hopes are always there just like sunrays!

I have created a series of paintings that have caught the sunrays from different time and places, including sunrise, sunset, beaches, lakes, woods and even the ground. My main intention is to create a peaceful and positive atmosphere that sends out the calmness and refreshment for your mind. We all need to take a deep breath, slow down, and take care of ourselves, especially during this pandemic; that is why I have named this series “The Light with Hopes.”

In this series, I mainly used my favorites watercolor sets- Woodlands and Essence- from Art Philosophy. These two color sets include different shades of browns, greens, blues, and grays that allow the artists to have a variety of colors to paint not only landscapes but also seascapes.

Each of my painting has its own color story, but all of them are actually coherent when you lay them out together.

I truly hope that my paintings can brighten up your day and bring you the peace and positivity in life! Please stay safe and well!

You can find more of Yu-Yin’s artwork on her InstagramFacebook, and her website!

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