The Beauty of Nature

The Beauty of Nature

Introducing Brand Ambassador Nida! Nida’s paintings are beautifully stylized snapshots of nature. Her unique style gives her paintings a soft and dreamy feel while still showcasing a wide range of vibrent colors. I think if I had to describe her paintings in one word it would be serene. Whether it is a landscape painting or a study of a particular flower, her paintings always evoke a sense of calm serenity.

Hi, I’m Nida Hajira. I’m a science graduate by academics but an artist by soul. Art for me is a way of expressing and showcasing what nature holds for us. I was passionate about Art since school days, however, I started taking it seriously only about 8 years back, since 2012.

My inspiration comes from Nature. I try to capture the mood along with the visual beauty of nature. I paint vibrant flowers and landscapes in water colours. The change in seasons, the blooms of the spring, and the colours of the autumn fascinate me to no extent and I try to relive that beauty while painting and capture it on my canvas. I believe art is a wonderful means to nurture, soothe, and rejuvenate our souls.

My focus is on landscapes and florals aiming to depict the beauty of nature through a combination of colours and texture. My earlier works were primarily in oil and acrylics but later got fascinated by water colors and its spontaneity.

Painting in watercolors is a little challenging initially, requires patience and dedication to learn. The spontaneity and vulnerability of this medium has always intrigued and fascinated me. I believe learning continues throughout the life and there is still a lot to be learned and explored. Fortunately, by the grace of The Almighty, till now the journey has been very fulfilling.

Being chosen as an Art Philosophy Ambassador was a dream come true. I was always fascinated by their Confections Palettes and got so excited to know about the Watercolor tubes that launched last year. I love the scope of versatility and the uniqueness that is offered by the Confections Palettes. Each palette can be used to paint a wide array of subjects..that’s the beauty of these palettes.

Recently I painted a big and bold painting of hydrangea flowers with the Currents Palette and it immediately became my favorite from the Confections.

My other favorite is the Essence Palette. Landscapes are one subject I keep going back to every now and then. And the Essence palette is by far the most beautiful collection of greens I’ve ever come across. It was a lot of fun incorporating those gorgeous greens in my landscapes. I also adore the quality and brilliance of the Artphilosophy Watercolor tubes. Looking forward excitedly to use the other supplies in the coming months..


You can find more of Nida’s artwork on her Instagram!

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