Stay Happy Stay Creative!

Stay Happy Stay Creative!

Introducing Brand Ambassador Nida! Nida is a skillful water-colorist whose Artwork features inspiration from nature such as flowers, succulents, fruit, and foliage. Her artwork is stunningly detailed, showing her eye for color and control of her brushwork.

“Hello! I am Nida from nid_shahin. I am an architect by profession and an artist-mom out of passion. My art journey started precisely 327 days ago when I attended one of my fellow Brand Ambassadors, Viddhi’s floral workshop. And I am really proud to share the honor of being one of the Brand Ambassadors for Art Philosophy.

I love doing botanical art and I draw inspiration mostly from the nature around me. I hail from a very beautiful town in India; it’s bountiful in everything organic. Painting started as a self-discovery for me. It brings immense joy and I use it as a mode for expressing my happiness as well as a solace in low times.

The vast option of colours and shades that Art Philosophy provides has always helped me capture what I have dreamt onto papers with less effort.

It would be very difficult to pick a favourite from the lot as each confection is unique and the experience of using each is such bliss for me. I love to play with the metallic accent colours too occasionally. It’s so much fun to watch the painting turn into a magical one with just a flick of brush loaded with metallic colours.

And I define happiness in the words of Franklin D Roosevelt – “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort “. So stay happy, stay creative, and Happy Creating!


You can find more of Nida’s artwork on her Instagram or Facebook

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Sonia sharma
October 10, 20208:31 am

How can I too become an ambassador for art philosophy

October 12, 20203:32 pm

Hi Sonia! Thank you for your interest in becoming a Brand Ambassador. Keep an eye out on our Instagram account and sometime near the end of spring, we will do a call for artists to apply!

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