Paint me a Portrait

Paint me a Portrait

Introducing Brand Ambassador Charo. Charo is a talented artist who’s main subjects are people. She works in a mix of black and white and color. Her skill with her black and white charcoal drawings gives her art a stunning, realistic look, while her colorful pieces have an almost a vintage air about them.

“Hello!! I am Charo from Madrid, Spain. I studied Marketing and I have my own business. I don’t dedicate myself to painting professionally, but I take advantage of my free time to paint.

While I never formally studied art in school I have drawn since I was very young. 15 years ago, after the death of my younger sister, I started taking some drawing and painting classes, mainly charcoal and oil. In addition to helping me improve technically, this served as therapy for me to overcome a bad season.

Some time later I discovered the world of watercolors and began to practice at home. I immediately fell in love with this technique because of its great versatility and the number of different effects that can be achieved with them.

I discovered Art Philosophy thanks to the beautiful Vintage Pastels palette, although over time I have been able to try more Art Philosophy products without a doubt this is still one of my favorites. I am in love with their colors and I use them in almost all my works.

I paint all kinds of subjects but with watercolors what I like to do the most are portraits. I like to see how, thanks to thin layers of paint, the face takes shape, being able to appreciate, thanks to the transparencies, different shades of color within the same work.

I am very happy to be an ambassador with the great Art Philosophy team ☺

You can find more of Charo’s art on her Instagram.

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