Paint For Yourself

Paint For Yourself

Everyone has their own personal journey into art and that is reflected in each artist’s individual style.

Meet Brand Ambassador Sarah! Her artwork is filled with vibrant and bright colors and loose brush strokes. I adore her ability to control color and her wide range of subjects making all her paintings just come alive!

Hello, I’m Sarah Jean, a self-taught British Watercolor artist living in sunny Los Angeles, CA. I’m an Art teacher on Skillshare, and the creator of the instagram account @Its_Art_Oclock.  

“I like to describe my artistic style as “a little bit of everything” since I enjoy playing with a variety of different artistic genres, color palettes, and techniques.  I recently fell in love with the Art Philosophy concentrated watercolors. The pigments are so rich, I only need a drop to last an entire painting. I particularly love that the vibrancy doesn’t fade once the paper dries. I worked on a series of “rainbow doors” this week using just my concentrated collection and, as you can see, the vivid shades are truly joyous.  

My personal artistic journey began after having my daughter. I stopped working full time and decided to become a stay-at-home mother. However, after a few months, I began to suffer from PPD (Postpartum Depression.) I felt I no longer did anything just for ME. As painting had always been a form of relaxation in the past, I decided to try my hand at watercolors. I bought ‘The Classics’ palette by Art Philosophy, and made the decision to try painting once a day when my baby napped. Sometimes I would get 10 minutes, sometimes an hour, but my primary focus was to do something creative: Every. Single. Day. 

I believe everyone can improve their artistic abilities with consistent daily practice. I have seen my skills, as well as my overall mood, improve drastically over the years purely from playing with paint and repetition. My goal now is to inspire others to try and start a creative daily practice. The skills I have learned over the past 2 years can only be achieved by doing. An athlete trains daily to improve their abilities, an artist should paint daily to do the same. I encourage anyone reading this to pick up a paintbrush or pen and just go for it. Even a doodle in the corner of your notebook is a start. I implore you to make time for creativity, find your own “Art O’Clock” ritual and enjoy the process. Happy Painting!”


Sarah Jean

You can find more of Sarah’s artwork on her Instagram or website.

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August 15, 20202:57 am

You are truely an inspiration to me Sarah?? Keep rocking the show and wishing you more spotlights on your way!?? – Cigmatra!

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