No Artwork is Unworthy

No Artwork is Unworthy

Introducing Brand Ambassador Bincy! Bincy’s artwork almost always features sunlight, weather that is a sunset, sunrise, or some sort of play on light in nature. She paints in a highly realistic fashion and at first glance, many of her paintings can be confused for photographs! Such hyperrealism takes considerable skill and patience.

“Greetings to all the lovely artists. I am Bincy Mathews, an engineer by profession and artist by passion, based out in Dubai. Some of you would know me from my Instagram page @theartbeatbyb. 

I am currently a stay-at-home mum, exploring the love for art and nature, creating tranquil paintings while on a bustling journey of motherhood! I have always been fascinated by art, artists, and anything that bring colors to life.  

I started focusing on developing my skills in 2008. At that point, I mostly used to do only pencil sketching. In 2018 after my daughter was born, I quit my job to give my daughter my full attention. Being at home, I got the chance to re-invigorate my passion for art. I started an Instagram account dedicating my little free time to developing the account since 2019.

When I started my art journey I was stuck to mandalas and pencil sketching. Something that I was very comfortable with. But I challenged myself to take up watercolors in 2019 and I have fallen in love with watercolors and the challenge as such. I still do enjoy Pencil Sketching, Mandala drawing, and Acrylic paintings and I continue to take on new challenges be it new mediums or new techniques. I love to experiment with different mediums, different subjects, and keep trying new techniques. My biggest inspiration is nature of which sunsets and sunrises are my preferred choice.   

My first product from Art Philosophy’s was their tropical watercolor confection and ever since I adore the brand and its variety of products. Currently, I am hooked up with Art Philosophy’s liquid watercolors and artist-grade watercolor tubes. I really love to experiment and explore the possibilities of their liquid watercolors. They are so vibrant, and smooth that it is a breeze to add details. For me, it is all about adding details to my paintings.

I always encourage every budding artist to be inspired and be consistent in their efforts. Practice, Practice, and more Practice. Being a mom of a toddler, it is difficult to find time, but I try to make sure to spend at least 1-2 hours daily practicing art. This little time spent helps me to be positive, confident, and creative. Also, one should know that no artwork is unworthy. Sometimes in my own paintings, I feel I did not meet the expectation, or it is not a worthy artwork, but when I share it, I realize that it is loved by all. So always trust in yourself and be confident in your artworks.”

Much Love,

You can find more of Bincy’s beautiful artwork on her Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Channel.

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September 29, 202012:20 am

Real words by a down to earth artist. Loved ur blog and I m a big fan of ur art and also trying myself to get into this world after long gap.

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