Memories Tied to the Food We Love

Memories Tied to the Food We Love

Introducing Brand Ambassador Leena of @doodle_genes! Leena has such a beautiful style. Tight watercolor paintings in muted tones. Her paintings are like little snapshots of life. The food that brings us together, portraits of people, scenes of nature and still lifes.

“Food is a basic necessity for our survival and well being. Who does not love food. Everyone has their favourites. Everyone has some great memories with a certain food.

I love trying out new flavours, different cuisines but I wont call myself a foodie. 

With the outbreak of the pandemic, locked down in our homes, eating out and socializing was so missed. I missed my best-loved desserts, main- courses, cuppa…..Confession time: I am not a great cook

So I started painting some of my ideal ones on paper. As I painted them I kind of recalled  the memories about get togethers and rendezvous with friends and families I was unable to meet. Thoughts like “Oh this is what I tried for the first time with nupur”, ” Ankush made me discover this cool place where they serve world- best vada pavs”, and so many of them ran at the back of my mind. Painting food became quite a pleasure.

As an artist I prefer half pans because they are so comfortable to use. No leaking paints out of the palette, no tube squeezing hassle, easy to carry on my travels unlike using watercolor tubes. I love using ART PHILOSOPHY  palettes. And among the wide range they provide, their COMPLEXION PALETTE is my most favorite. I can’t paint my food illustrations without this palette. I also love their THE CLASSICS PALETTE. These two together are enough for me to paint any subject. I have tried all of their palettes. Each palette is chosen with expertise. When I say that I mean the colours in each palette are  chosen very carefully. Take the complexion palette itself for example. You can paint  a portrait of an Asian to an American from the same palette considering the different skin tone of the nationality. Similarly the Woodlands have all the earthy tones grouped together. Perfect to paint landscapes. 

I you are a beginner and you can’t decide which blue would go with a particular green just pick up an Art Philosophy palette ,the colours in the palette are harmonious. You get great mixes too.”

You can find more of Leena’s artwork on her Instagram.

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