Look to the sky for inspiration

Look to the sky for inspiration

Do you have that one thing that you just keep coming back to as an artist? A home base so to speak? For some it is a subject, for others, it is a particular medium or style. This week’s blog is from Vianka of @vianka_guinaz and she shares with us what brings her comfort and inspiration as an artist. You can find her last blog here.

“Hi, Vianka from @vianka_guinaz here! I’ve been getting back to painting skies and clouds lately. The sky is my biggest inspiration. I love the different colours, the different moods it brings, or even how the littlest amount of clouds could change an entire sky. 

Painting the sky I think is the most basic things, I believe every painter usually starts with the sky. It could be very simple, or very hard to paint. Experimenting with other scenery to paint – like forests, cities or flower fields – are always fun and challenging, but I always go back to skies for comfort. 

There’s something deeply theraupetic about painting clouds. Maybe it’s the tiny details or the wet on wet effects, but I really love playing with the colours – how adding one colour could change the entire mood. 

After much experimenting I’ve found my favourite AP confections palettes that are perfect in my opinion for making skies and clouds. At first I only used The Classics, because they have all the basic colours. But I’ve later learned that I need more vibrant and deeper colours to make the kind of skies I want. Pastel Dreams have the perfect yellow, blue and pinks for a soft yet vibrant sky. Odyssey on the other hand, have the vibrant orange, purple and blue for the deeper tones. So now, I always take out these three palettes whenever I paint skies. 

At the end of the day – when you’re stuck with what to paint – look outside, look up. The sky will always be there as an inspiration.”

Paint Featured : The Classics, Odyssey, Pastel Dreams, Paint Tubes

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