Inspiration Can Be Found Everywhere

Inspiration Can Be Found Everywhere

This week’s blog features Nesrine of @colorocean5. You can find her last blog post here. Many of her landscape paintings have a photorealism quality to them and she is now branching out to portraits which further just shows how talented she is!

“For the past 5 months or so I’ve been teaching myself how to draw portraits and surprisingly enough I found out that I never really looked at a human face before. And I mean really looked.

Suddenly everything is way more interesting to me: the way the eyelids curve and meet at the caruncle, the arrangement of individual hairs of the eyebrows, that barely noticeable highlight on the tip of the nose, the way the corners of the upper lip are slightly curved upwards.

Funny thing is, whenever I am talking to someone, I find myself drifting away from the conversation and getting lost in analyzing every single feature closely, how proportions change with every head tilt, how skin changes color depending on the lighting and shadows, the way the environment reflects its various colors on different parts of the face.

And I am constantly imagining what it would be like to draw what I’m seeing, wondering how I’ll capture that specific angle and how my lines would look, which pigments to mix to obtain that certain hue, and then I come back to reality and chuckle at myself.

This is my way of missing art when I find myself so caught up with life with too little time to practice what I love doing. I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to paint from time to time, it’s when I feel most at home and that’s when I know that I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life.

The world is a bit more intriguing with art in it, inspiration can be found everywhere. All you have to do is open your eyes and take a good look around you.”

You can find more of Nesrine’s artwork on her Instagram.

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