In every drop of paint…

In every drop of paint…

“In every drop of paint, there is a story of learning.” – Marianne

Introducing Art Philosophy Ambassador Marianne!

Marianne is a talented water-colorist whose artwork is just stunning! Her artwork features beautiful landscapes and architecture. Her use of Art Philosophy Watercolor Tubes is phenomenal!

watercolor waterfall landscape with trees on the side and roses in the four front.

“My watercolor journey has been an exciting one for me. I remember picking up my brush a few years ago and starting to play with the colors. I tried other mediums in the process but it is watercolor that has been my passion ever since. 

Throughout my journey, I believe that I will only find my excitement when I trust myself as an artist. I love to see other artists paint beautiful vibrant flowers or a stunning colorful galaxy. I adore someone’s realistic paintings or those with playful effects from their brushmark. However, every time I start to paint, these softer shades and muted tones sing to me. The more I explore these colors the more I feel like I am invited to create something that is dear to my soul. 

With a wide range of stunning colors Art Philosophy provides, it is a lot easier for us as an artist to develop our own style and painting technique. I always have at least one confection set with me whenever I travel or anytime I teach in my class. Recently the collection got even more interesting with the addition of Art Philosophy Artist Grade Watercolor Tubes and it is hard to compliment my painting without praising these paints. 

Growing as an artist, I know my painting style and technique have evolved. But if there is one thing I learned along this journey, it is to be honest with myself. Painting is about honesty. Be true to yourself, believe in yourself whenever you pick up your brush and start to apply those paints on the surface. Be confident and humble at the same time. And always, always choose the right tools to support your journey.”


watercolor landscape with buildings in the distance and roses in the four front
watercolor trees in a sketchbook with swatches underneath of burnt umber, yellow, ultramarine, and colbolt blue

You can find more of Marianne’s artwork on her social media.

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