How to Paint Tulips with Gouache

How to Paint Tulips with Gouache

This week’s blog features Nida of @nidajahain. You can see her last blog post here and here. The newest thing to come from Art Philosophy is our Gouache. If you’ve never heard of it before it is an opaque water-soluble paint. A lot like watercolor but at the same time entirely different. Nida created an easy-to-follow step by step to get your feet wet with gouache!

Hi! I’m Nida behind @nidajahain. My blog is to talk about how and why I fell in love with the very recent launch from Art Philosophy – the artists Gouache. 

It’s a totally new medium for me. I was swept by the feet at the very first trial of gouache itself. It opened up various opportunities which otherwise would not have been possible with watercolour nor acrylics. It’s such a forgiving medium. And I’d say it was like love at first sight when I tried it. It dries up real quick which makes it quite easy to add layers over it. Very creamy and pigmented and a small squeeze goes a long way! 

If I had to pick a few favourite shades from the box I’d instantly jump at the deep green, cerulean blue and mid green. The pastels you get by mixing white with these shades are such a dream! 

Painting botanicals with gouache is something I started enjoying very recently and I’d love to share how I paint a tulip over here.           

 I’ve shared a time-lapse video of the above painting in my Instagram Feed. Please feel free to watch it and share your thoughts. 

Much love 

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