Have you ever tried Oil Pastels?

Have you ever tried Oil Pastels?

This week’s blog features Francoise of @blayacfineart. You can find her previous blog here! She paints a wide range of subjects from landscapes to portraits and is always ready to stretch her creative muscle with something new.

Before receiving my first Art Philosophy box of oil pastels, I used to think they were simple crayons and out of all art mediums, I had never felt like trying them out. If, like me, you thought abstract pieces were the only possibility with oil pastels, think again! I started experimenting with them and fell in love very quickly.

Art Philosophy oil pastels glide on paper like lipstick, which makes them so much fun to scribble with! Working with them is also satisfying and therapeutic because carefree scribbles have the ability to turn into beautiful, smooth backgrounds within seconds. If you are a perfectionist, you need to relieve stress or overcome an art block, I can only encourage you to try them out for yourself.

Scribble, smudge and voilà!

To achieve the smooth look I am getting, I apply enough pigment that only a few specks of paper are still showing, then (and that is the best part) I smudge it with a paper towel, in circular motions. These specific oil pastels are oily enough that it is very easy to do. With other tools such as cue tips or blending stumps, I have found it is easy to create some level of detail as well, which is how I am able to paint realistically with oil pastels.

As you can see, the 24 colors from the set are plenty to create paintings with various moods, whether you prefer bright or muted colors, and the possibilities are endless as oil pastels colors can be mixed directly on paper. Paintings can be created quickly, which is a huge plus for anyone with little time to spare. Oil pastels are not as messy as they may look, however, because the medium never fully dries, it is best to separate paintings with a sheet of copy paper when storing them away.

Happy painting 🙂

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