Find what makes you happy

Find what makes you happy

Every artist has their own style and favorite tools. When starting out you’ll try a little bit of everything until you find what feels right. This week’s blog is from Charo of @charodelatorre_art where she tells a little of how she found her style. You can find her previous blog posts here.

Hi guys!! I’m Charo from @charodelatorre_art, Like most people, my first painting when I started with watercolors was a landscape painting. Then I tried portraits and I fell in love. Although from time to time I paint other themes, my watercolors are basically portraits.

I used to go crazy trying to find among my watercolor palettes the perfect tones for each skin type. I had to do a lot of mixing until I found the right color and if I ran out of the mixture I had to do it all over again with the difficulty of getting the exact same color again.

I was so happy when I discovered the Art Philosophy complexion palette. I can now find the perfect shades for all different skin tones from the lightest to the darkest and it has made my job much easier.

Complexion has become my favorite palette, and although I always use the other palettes to incorporate touches of color, it is the first one I turn to every time I think about starting a new project. Besides, since it is so compact it allows me to carry it easily to paint anywhere.

If like me, you are also passionate about watercolor portraits, don’t hesitate to try it. You will love it and if you already know it and use it regularly, tag me in any of your works, I would be happy to see them.

Happy painting 


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