Every blue has a story to tell

Every blue has a story to tell

Introducing Brand Ambassador Pooja! Pooja’s artwork is full of ocean scenes ranging from beautiful underwater seascapes and scenes of coastal paradise. Oceans are so vast that you can paint them a million times and still find inspiration.

“Hi! I am Pooja, the artist behind aalekha_art. I am an environmental engineer turned artist. I had picked up brushes and paints purely out of boredom and to break the monotonous routine almost three years ago. Since then it became an integral part of my life. I paint almost daily and now I can’t think of my life without my paints and brushes.

Though I had started my art journey with acrylics, watercolors always hold a special place in my heart. I’ve tried different mediums like pencils, gouache, inks etc but there is no medium quite like watercolors. I love how it flows on paper, controlled and uncontrolled at the same time, endless possibilities, and abstract effects it can create. It’s like a therapy when you work with such a magical medium. To watch them moving on wet paper like a free spirited soul is so therapeutic.

I always love being in nature and feel connected and lost at the same time. And that’s the reason I love to paint elements of nature like oceans, forests, mountains, meadows and beaches. I also love to combine mandala art with ocean and landscapes.

I always emphasize investing in good quality art supplies especially papers and paints. I’d also suggest the beginners and students who are new to the medium to practice daily, have a deep understanding of your art supplies, and learn to take advantage of the medium’s inherent characteristics. Good quality papers and paints definitely help one to improve skills and advance their art journey.

I bought my first ever Art Philosophy confection almost two years ago and I was just amazed by the quality they offer. I love the wide range of confections they have. Every confection is unique and the most loveable thing is the names they give to each shade and confections.

A few of my favorites are

  1. Classics ~ Perfect for both beginners and experienced artists and endless mixing possibilities
  2. Pastel Dreams ~ as dreamy as its name
  3. Tropical ~ It always gives me happy vibes
  4. Confetti ~ Ahh! so many options to play with
  5. Currents ~ That’s my absolute favorite. Being blue my favorite color, this palette is pure bliss for me. I adore currents palette so much because it has so many shades of blues and greens that helps me to capture untamed beauty of oceans on paper so well. And being blue my favorite color, I always love to quote ” Every blue has a story to tell, and I got so many of them!”

Happy painting! Stay Creative!

You can find more of Pooja’s artwork on her Instagram or Facebook or Youtube Channel.

Check out Art Philosophy’s entire line of Watercolor Confection here!

Find these + so many more BEAUTIFUL paintings using Art Philosophy® products on our Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts! All links below!


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