Enchanting Watercolor Animals

Enchanting Watercolor Animals

Introducing Brand Ambassador Monika! Monika’s artwork is dominated by the cutest animals often in soft colors. Her artwork features a range of loose watercolors to highly detailed paintings where you can see so many details down to the fur of her charming creatures.

“My name is Monika.

I love animals and they are the main subject in my art ( I am a trained vet, but never worked in my profession). I’ve always loved drawing and painting, and 3 years ago I decided that it was what I wanted to do in my life and started taking it more seriously.

Animals and nature are my greatest inspiration – I love the seasons changing, the colors, different plants, clouds and light – everything has it’s own time. I like observing the changes, and trying to catch the feeling in my paintings. If I had to pick, I would say autumn is my favorite time if the year. 

I really enjoy using Ap products, my favorite palettes are Essence, Woodlands, Terrain, Decadent Pies, and recently Complexion.

I prefer using one palette for each painting, this is exciting for me because the different sets have colors that I would not normally use. This allows me to express my creativity by finding new ways to paint using the colours that I have.

My first AP set was the Vintage Pastels and at first I couldn’t imagine painting an animal with just this palette, but very quickly it changed and I painted a whole series!

The palette that I thought would be the hardest for me to work with was the Odyssey, but after I tried it I couldn’t stop using it. Now it’s the same with Complexion set, I just love it!” 

You can find more of Monika’s artwork on her Instagram!

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