Colorful Aviation

Colorful Aviation

Introducing Brand Ambassador Geethu of @colorfulmystique! What makes Geethu’s artwork stand out is that no matter her subject, her colors are always bright and vibrant. Her use of color transforms her subjects into amazing works of art giving a whole new life to seemly simple subjects such as powerlines or barren trees.

Hello there, I’m Geethu or you can call me Mystique! You might already know me as @colourfulmystique from Instagram. I am an aerospace engineer by profession based in the UK and an artist from mind and soul.

Art and painting relaxes me and keeps me going everyday. I have been painting ever since I can remember but took it up seriously on a daily basis starting January 2019.

I paint everyday after my working hours and I mostly work with traditional methods being deeply inspired by sunsets and nature itself. Most of my works included landscapes inspired from various photographs.

But one fine day, I had the idea of combining my profession and art life. I researched a lot about it and decided to be an aviation artist. Incorporating aircrafts into my work has been a turning point in my art career.

Managing both art and a day job is not easy. But I make sure that I paint at least one hour every day or make up for the days that I cannot paint. Art is an integral part of my life now. The most rewarding and satisfying part of this wonderful journey has been the joy of painting beautiful aircraft landscapes.

I have conducted various workshops and I am also a skillshare teacher. I have my own Patreon at the moment. I have seen my paintings evolve and improve in a single year, and to every beginner out there starting their art journey, my suggestion is to practice.

There is no short cut to success. Keep practicing everyday and you will see improvement. Try to understand your art supplies and gain control over the brushes and the play of water. Watercolour is all about playing with water and the movement of the pigments on paper.

The first ever professional watercolours that I got after starting to paint in January 2019 was from Artphilosophyco and I fell in love with the wide range of colours, the cute names and the brand immediately. I bought a few more sets and my painting journey thus began with Artphilosophy. I am
in love with the professional grade watercolor tubes.

Some of my other favorite sets include:
 the classics – a must have for everyone
 woodlands – perfect for landscapes such as wild forests
 currents – perfect for oceans and seascapes.

To see more of Geethu’s art work check out her Instagram

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