Colorful and yummy fig with watercolor (step-by-step).

Colorful and yummy fig with watercolor (step-by-step).

Let’s paint half of the fig with watercolor. This is a super fun and effortless lesson that will take less than 10 min.

You will need: 


Color Mixing:


Make a sketch with a pencil following the outline above. It’s enough to put down just several basic lines. I don’t advise drawing the details. We will paint the details later with watercolor. (Optional: Once the sketch is ready, secure the paper with masking tape to your table or board.)

Step 1

Paint the center area of the fig with watery Permanent red, using a round brush in size 6. Add Permanent yellow deep and Crimson to the still-wet layer. The paint should be of medium consistency, for both colors. Let the painted layer to dry completely. 

Step 2 

Now paint the contour of the fig in medium-consistency purple as shown in the example. Don’t forget to leave an unpainted area on a side part of the fig to make it look shiny. Allow the painting to dry. 

Step 3

Now take a brush in size 2 and paint in the center of the fig a layer with Crimson and Permanent yellow deep. Both paints should be of medium consistency. Also, add some details with watery Greenish Yellow and Yellow ochre as shown in the example. Let the painting dry. 

Step 4

Now it’s time to add the final details. Keep using the same round brush size 2. Add details to the fruit using Tint of purple, Burnt umber and Violet. Use medium-consistency paint throughout this step. Your painting is done!

I hope you enjoyed this lesson.


January 28, 20201:54 pm

Gorgeous and indeed verry yummy fig, so realistic.
Thank you for the great step bij step tutorial.

Serena McRae
January 29, 20201:57 pm

I love this tutorial with the color mixing included! So fun!

January 30, 202012:08 am

Such a cute tutorial! I’m going to try this out tonight 🙂

Laura Kendé
January 30, 202012:33 am

Love thIs! I’m gonna try It !!

January 30, 20202:03 pm

Is there a way to share colors that are in the watercolor pan sets? I don’t have any of the watercolor tubes yet.

January 30, 20205:06 pm

Yes there will be Step by Step using the pan set coming soon.

February 3, 20206:55 am

I love this… Please send us more videos. Makes me want To buy More Paint.
Thank You

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