Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Today’s blog features a how-to from Brand Ambassador Nida from @nid_shahin. Nida’s artwork predominantly features beautiful florals in muted shades and we are in luck because she is going to show us how she gets some of her amazing color combinations. If you would like to read more about her check out her other blog post here.

Hi friends!  I am Nida and I’m the artist behind the Instagram handle @nid_shahin. Since I have already introduced myself in my first blog spot, I thought why not share with you guys about a project that even you guys could try out. And I’ve chosen Christmas as theme as it’s just few weeks away!

Let’s have an understanding of the sequence of the process which I employed to arrive at the final project. I’m sure you would love to use these steps and the tips I’m sharing to create a wreath on your own and use it for décor or for gifting for the coming holiday season!

I picked Art philosophy artists grade watercolour tubes. I’m quite fond of muted shades and I’d love to share how I arrived at the shades I desired from the available 18 tubes.

Muted Red = Rose madder + permanent brown
Muted Green = Hookers green + Prussian blue + Indigo + Burnt Umber
Neutral tint – mixed a bit of Rose madder to the previously mixed green

Variations in the shades were achieved with the addition of water or a darker shade like brown or indigo.

After painting I scanned the image and added the greetings using Photoshop. You can use Procreate or any other app that helps for the same.

Some tips that can help you guys!

  1. Make the sketch as light as possible. White flowers are very delicate and even a small pencil mark can ruin the project.
  2. Swatch the shades in a separate paper especially for the white flower before using on the final project.
  3. Be liberal to add more water to dilute the paint!
  4. Add some shadow and highlights to add some depth to the painting.
  5. Enjoy the process!

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2021!
Happy Painting.
Much Love, Nida!

To see more of Nida’s artwork, check out her Instagram or visit her Facebook

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Maureen Reiss
November 25, 20209:01 am

Wow!!! Gorgeous!!!

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