Paint your heart out!

Introducing Brand Ambassador Lopa. Lopa is a brilliant watercolor artist and instructor. Her artwork is predominantly focused on…

A software engineer by day…

Software engineer by day and a full time water-colorist the rest of the time. Introducing Brand Ambassador Panchami!…

Find your inspiration outside

Introducing Art Philosophy Ambassador Iyut!

In every drop of paint…

Be true to yourself, believe in yourself whenever you pick up your brush and start to apply those paints on the surface.

Brilliant and Beautiful Oil Pastels

Blend, color and layer, our Art Philosophy Oil Pastels offer a higher grade of color and pigmentation for…

Pretty in Pink

Did you know that June 23rd was National Pink Day? Rose, watermelon, salmon, blush, crepe, magenta, bubblegum, rouge,…

Painting Landscapes

Since the lock-down has many of us canceling travel plans, we thought we would bring the world to you, via watercolor paintings! Below are just a few beautiful landscapes painted by our amazing team and talented followers with Art Philosophy® products!


Odyssey is a Greek epic poem written by Homer about the long journey of a man named Odysseus….

Creative Swatching

Swatching your new set of Art Philosophy® watercolors could not be more fun! Take a scroll through some of the most amazing swatches our wonderful fans have posted!

Watercoloring: Step By Step

Love watercoloring, but are not sure how to do it? We’ve pulled together a variety of step-by-step paintings from our oh-so-talented Art Philosophy team! You can always find these + gorgeous inspiration every day of the week on our Art Philosophy Instagram and Facebook groups!


January 2022
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