Beauty of the Sky

Beauty of the Sky

This week’s blog features artwork from Bincy from @theartbeatbyb. She is a talented watercolorist whose paintings are often inspired by elements of nature. Check out her last blog post here.

Hi everyone, it’s Bincy from @theartbeatbyb! Hope you are doing well and being creative every day. One of my favorite topics to paint is skies. Something about a vibrant sky that instantly makes me happy and edging to make a better one. My biggest inspiration is a colorful vibrant cloudy sky.

Painting skies is always a very comforting and relaxing activity. (Maybe because skies are always unique and you can rarely go wrong). But however vibrant a sky is, its true quality comes out when it’s with something equally breathtaking or inspiring. I love to pair my skies with more difficult subjects like water, fields, silhouettes, etc. I have always enjoyed painting skies with watercolors and felt it couldn’t get better. But, recently I tried it with gouache and I have found a new realm of satisfaction, happiness, and inspiration. 

Gouache is such a versatile, forgiving and vibrant medium. It’s especially fun to work with Art philosophy’s gouache paints. It’s really so smooth, vibrant, and opens up so many doors of possibilities. With gouache, it’s even easier to work on difficult subjects. One thing I specifically like about Art Philosophy’s gouache paints is the fact that they always give the right vibrancy of colour and working with them is always therapeutic. Remember to use smooth paper when working with gouache. And I am sure you will enjoy it too, just like me ! 

I also love to paint beautiful sunset skies using Art Philosophy watercolors. Concentrated Liquid watercolors and artist grade tube is my favorite 

Happy Painting

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