A software engineer by day…

wodden chair under a window with green shutters under the shade of a tree with pink and green leaves.

A software engineer by day…

Software engineer by day and a full time water-colorist the rest of the time.

Introducing Brand Ambassador Panchami! Her artwork spans the gamut from close up architecture, to breathtaking landscapes, and to spectacular cityscapes. Her attention to detail and the masterful way she handles light and shadows gives her artwork a beautiful realistic quality.

“I’m a software professional during the day and when I’m not doing that I’m a full-time watercolour artist. It was love at first sight for me with watercolours, just watching the colors move, I was hooked. “

“I paint over the weekend mostly and it’s my getaway, a refresh button that helps me jump start my week with positivity. I want to paint anything and everything beautiful and when my day job keeps me chained to my computer, it’s nice to really open my eyes, take inspiration from nature and paint. At the same time, I just enjoy painting urban landscapes, cute doors, and windows, and beautiful buildings.”

omage of a watercolor painting of a

“Teaching for me has been by far the most rewarding part of this journey. I’ve been teaching workshops online and in-person for a few years now and the feedback I get, makes me want to keep doing this forever. I don’t mean to make it sound easy, it’s not. For most people a single stroke is the scariest part, it’s my job as a teacher to help them overcome that and allow themselves to be free.”

wooden chair under a window with green shutters under the shade of a tree with pink and green leaves.

“Honestly, I am not one of those typical stories you hear, I literally stumbled onto watercolours as an escape from work. I had never been interested in painting as a child, or ever really imagined that this would be the path that I would take. As a beginner, I suffered crippling self-doubt, a million failed attempts and if it weren’t for the encouragement of those around me I may have given up before my skills got better. So it’s because of the million missteps I took, I find it natural to connect with my audience and let them know it’s okay to fail. Because there’s beauty in that too, if you look close enough.”

image of double blue door, surrounded by pink blossoms. two watercolor pans and a paintbrush resting on a seashell.
image of a watercolor painting featuring a plant in a gold pot at the foor of stone steps. on to the right are two paint brushes and on the left is three watercolor pans in pin, hot pink and red.
image of watercolor painting of a window of with yellow shutters with pink flowers underneath. on the left is three watercolor pans in green, med yellow and dark green.

You can find more of Panchami’s artwork on her social media.

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